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Plugin Requesting Rules

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Plugin Requesting Rules Empty Plugin Requesting Rules

Post  Cad'ika Orade Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:42 am

So you have an idea for a brilliant mod? Take a quick read through this before posting! These are some F.A.Q.'s regarding the nature of mods on the Nova Mundi server.

Q. What sort of mods does this server use?

A. Nova Mundi, like many servers, uses Bukkit for all modding needs. Bukkit mods are in the form of convenient plug-ins that can be enabled/disabled without too much trouble. Nova Mundi already uses a carefully tuned collection of over 50 plug-ins, for layers of security, little theatrical effects, minor tweaks to game mechanics, and new (strictly optional) gameplay opportunities.

Q. What can these plug-ins do or not do?

A. Rather simple, actually. A plug-in can change pretty much anything in Minecraft. It can change mob AI, alter physics, change terrain, and much, much more. What it CANNOT do is add entirely new stuff. This means no new mobs (at least with their own models), no new blocks, and no new items. While some servers offer mods that do these things, they require a client-side mod to make that happen. Nova Mundi strictly refuses to require any client-side mods.

Q. Can we add a mod that does X and Y?

A. Quite possibly, just so long as X and y aren't major changes that could greatly effect the Minecraft experience of every player. Nearly ever mod currently in-use is specifically designed to minimize required impact on the average, strictly-Vanilla player. mods are fun, but not for everyone.

Q. I made a Bukkit plug-in of my own! Can we use it?

A. Probably, but on a few conditions: No promises that we'll keep it, and please send your source code for a brief inspection. Security reasons, you understand. If you are a competent Bukkit programmer, I would suggest applying to be a Coder. You'll get a fancy tag, lots of commands, and the freedom to make all the plug-ins you want in exchange for making a couple of requested plug-ins.

Q. Can we add Tekkit/Technic?

A. No.


- - -

Now when it comes time for you to submit your plugin idea, what sort of things will you post in your message? First, your title needs to be relevant to the plugin you're requesting. Second, you should write a few lines to convince us why this plugin is a great idea, rather than merely including a link to the plugin page... But the link is a must! without it we won't know what plugin you're really looking at.

If your topic's post isn't informative, or could be classified as spam, we will exercise the right to remove it.


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