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Things you should know.

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Things you should know. Empty Things you should know.

Post  TorchuVadergear Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:16 pm

Hello, I'm Skylark. I'm a member of what we're calling the "Nova Mundi Staff". I also happen to be classified as what we call the "High King" of Nova Mundi. Being in such a position, I can dramatically change the way the server functions.

This being said, I should know what's going on, and you should too. On this page, I'll do my best to tell you about the basics of our server's functionality.

- - -

1. Nova Mundi is a survival server.
On this idea, of being a survival server, all regular member construction is to be done legit. Particular admins do have access to Worldedit and other-such tools, but these tools are to be used not for personal gain. If an admin is using such tools, it must always be for direct improvement of the server. For example, creating a particular landmass or feature; or creating public-use systems such as the rail network or the spawn area.

2. This server heavily uses an economy system.
To do many basic things, a digital currency is required. On our server, this currency is called "bits" and it is easy to come by. Many more established players are willing to hire you out to do their grunt work so you can earn bits. You should make a personal vault and keep bits in it, because a vault works like a debit card; you can use it from anywhere without carrying around all your money!

- Teleportation costs bits.
- Zombie pigmen don't drop bits.
- A vault holds your money.

3. We have factions!
Joining a faction gives you the ability to literally claim area for said faction. If you would like to start one, you must have a minimum of three members, including yourself, who will join. If you have less than three members, we reserve the right to disband your faction at any time.

4. Under construction...
There are a lot more plans we've got for the server, but right now it's riding on the construction of a few things and the configuration of some files before they can be implemented...

-Skylark (AKA: TorchuVadergear)

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